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Castle of Cultural Arts Museum in Jeddah

Jeddah, the ancient city in Saudi Arabia rejoices in a breathtaking history of 2500 years. The city is nestled in the eastern coast of the Red Sea and. It is the second largest city of the country and the most significant port of entrance for Saudi Arabia. The uniqueness of the city of Jeddah lies in the fact that the city has retained much of its old vigor and charm, but that has not deterred its modern developments. Jeddah Travel Guide serves information on the several ancient sites of Sightseeing in Jeddah and also about the Jeddah museums that have treasured the city’s rich past. Castle of Cultural Arts Museum in Jeddah holds a prime position because of the unusual and unique collection of artifacts and musical instruments.

Castle of Cultural Arts Museum in Jeddah

Castle of Cultural Arts Museum in Jeddah

Castle of Cultural Arts Museum in Jeddah is a privately owned museum. It was established some around in the year 1980. The renowned Saudi musician Tarik Abdul Hakeem owns the museum. He is regarded as the one instrumental to the introduction of a military music band and also advanced studies related to music. Many of his compositions are considered as gems in the cascade of music in Saudi Arabia. The relentless effort of Tarik Abdul Hakeem to revive the musical culture of the country has actually given rise to the establishment of Castle of Cultural Arts Museum in Jeddah. The Castle of Cultural Arts Museum at Jeddah showcases chronicles the musical history of Saudi Arabia and also the general history of the country. The Museum also treasures the countless medals and mementos Tarik Abdul Hakeem got as accolades of his efforts to redefine the musical arena of the country.
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