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Top 5 to Do During the Jeddah Summer Festival

Top 5 to Do During the Jeddah Summer Festival

Every year for the last 12 years, Jeddah becomes the centre of the kingdom for a short time with the summer festival. During this festival, the city is transformed into an international show room for incredible spectacles and artists. It is impossible to miss this event if you are visiting the country at the time.

First off, learn about the story and numbers behind the festival. But after the theory, let’s get to practice with these five festive activities you ought to do:

  • Jump on the food
  • Run to the Corniche
  • Go home with your hands full
  • Catch a show
  • Support the artists

Each year, the reach of the festival grows wider and the shows and spectacles get more and more amazing with only imagination as the limit.

Started in 2000 and organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) in cooperation with Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), and Jeddah Municipality, the festival was originally created to boost the tourism in the kingdom. This year it started on June 6th. It should attract around 2 millions visitors from all around the Kingdom and abroad and will generate an income of over 5 billion SR.

The city goes all out during the whole duration of the festival, roughly 35 days. Here is what you should do during this oh-so-special time:

1. Jump on the food
Jeddah Foods

Jeddah Foods

One of the festival’s characteristics is the discovery of many dishes and food items from all parts of the kingdom and beyond coming for this special occasion. Don’t hesitate to taste everything that catches your fancy. Usually, the prices are honest and the quality is unbeatable.

2. Run to the Corniche
Corniche Jeddah

Corniche Jeddah

It is more or less the main stage of the festival. Stroll around in the lively atmosphere in the evening, when the temperature is heavenly. It is also where you are guaranteed to have the best view point for the fireworks. And beware, they are no common fireworks, they are huge and colourful and definitely arty. You will see magical shapes and figures.

3. Go home with your hands full
Shopping in Jeddah

Shopping in Jeddah

Negotiate your souvenirs in the many art and craft shops set up all around the city for the occasion. You can find anything and everything, from top quality traditional craft from the Bedouin tribes to international brand items. The negotiating part is important especially since some vendors overprice their merchandise. However, the festival’s security will check and monitor the prices of the vendors to keep from abuses. Vendors selling to high will be ban from the festivities for the next years as well. You will be guaranteed the best shopping experience.

4. Catch a show
Jeddah Festival 2012

Jeddah Festival 2012

With more than 200 activities during the festival, everyone can find one’s interest. Start with street performances of dance or music shows. You will also find Circus, Musical shows, kids theatre, ballooning and so much more. Many cultural events will be featured in the city as well as sports events. However, no one does the fireworks like the Jeddah festival!

5. Support the artists

The festival is the chance many talented artists take to stand out of the crowd. If you help them and purchase one of their CD, drawings or just put some change in their hats, you will become a beloved benefactor. You will feel like a real life patron of the arts and after all, that’s the spirit of the Jeddah festival.

With all these activities, you are guaranteed to have a great time on the red sea coast.


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