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Top 10 Museums in Jeddah

Top 10 Museums in Jeddah

Jeddah is a city of many highlights, amongst many new developments it will be the home of the world’s tallest tower. It is the major urban city of western Saudi Arabia; it is the biggest city of the province Makkah and has the largest port on the Red Sea. Jeddah is a city like no other in Saudi Arabia, redeveloping itself into the new epicentre of the Middle East. You definitely have to enjoy all of it while on vacation on the Red Sea!

Many of these wonderful highlights from over the years and past centuries are well preserved in the museums of this booming town. And to make your choice of which museum to visit a little easier, we are sharing our personal top 10 recommendations with you.

Top 10 Museums in Jeddah

Top 10 Museums in Jeddah

1. Abdul Raouf Kalil’s Museum

Jeddah has a history that can be traced back to more than 2000 years ago. That means that the city has buildings constructed less than a year ago but also several that are hundreds of years old. Abdul Raouf Kalil’s museum is one of the most visited museums of Jeddah. It includes several large buildings: a mosque, the front of the citadel, the house of Saudi Arabian Heritage, the House of Islamic Heritage, the House of the International Heritage, and the Public Heritage Exhibition.

2. Municipality Museum

According to the locals of Jeddah this museum is build by fishermen who took shells and coral from the Red Sea. At the museum you can enjoy many photographs and paintings from artists of Saudi Arabia.

3. Al Tayabat Museum

Al Tayabat is in fact a small city with several civilizations. It is a unique experience and definitely worth a visit. The museum has four floors and almost 300 rooms with all kinds of different exhibitions that lead you trough the history of Saudi Arabia. It shows you century old oil paintings, rock carvings, tapestries, traditional Arabic costumes, pottery and much, yes much more.

4. Makkah Gate

The Makkah Gate in Jeddah is one of the oldest gates remaining in Saudi Arabia. The origin of the gate is of the same age as the city itself. It is an important object for Hajj pilgrims visiting Saudi Arabia and one of the largest touristic attractions of the country. Your visit to Jeddah will not be complete without a visit to the Makkah Gate.

5. Khozam Palace Museum

This old palace of King Abdul Aziz was build more than 80 years ago. The museum’s collection exists of personal belongings of the King of Saudi Arabia and many items that belonged to the First Muslim Caliph Abou Bakr Al-Siddi.

6. Jeddah Science and Technology Museum

All the science you can imagine is explained by entertainment in this museum. Almost 200.000 people visit the scientific and cultural centre every year. Become one of these visitors and upgrade your knowledge about science.

7. Castle of Cultural arts

This museum was established around 1980 and is a private owned collection by famous Saudi Arabian musician Tarik Abdul Hakeem. The museum shows the history of the music and the general history of the country. The Museum also provides you with the countless medals and mementos Tarik Abdul Hakeem got for his effort for the musical treasures he brought the country.

8. Open Air Art

Jeddah is home to one of the largest open air museum cities in the world. Everywhere in the city you will find sculptures, statues, paintings and fountains. The first artist chosen by the mayor of Jeddah was Abdulhalim Radwi. In the 1960s he began with the massive beautification project and nowadays his work is grown to a city full of air art and that really brings colour to Jeddah.

9. Jeddah Regional Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

One of the major museums of Jeddah is the regional museum of Archaeology and Ethnography. It has a collection with items from the Stone Age till items presenting the recent culture of the region.

10. The Pasha Mosque

This mosque is converted into a real historical museum, with all the aspects of the mosque still intact it shows people the elements of the Islam.
We hope you will enjoy your cultural visit to Jeddah rich of historic and modern museums!


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