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Old Jeddah Mosques

 Old Jeddah Mosques

Jeddah Mosques

Jeddah Mosques


Al-Shafe’i Mosque

Al-Shafe’i Mosque:is situated in Harat Al-Mathloum in Al-Jame’i market, which is the oldest of its mosques. It is said that its minarets were built in the 7th Hijri Century (13th AD) and is unique in its architecture of a quadrangle with central open-air ventilation. It has witnessed a lot of restoration and maintenance and is still used to perform prayer.

 Othman bin Affan Mosque

Othman bin Affan Mosque: is also called Ebony Mosque (mentioned by Ibn Battuta, and Ibn Jubayr in their journeys) due to the existence of two ebony poles. It is located in Harat Al-Mathloum, has a huge minaret, and was built in the 9th & 10th Hijri centuries.

 Al-Basha Mosque

Al-Basha Mosque: is located in Harat Al-Sham and was built by Bakr Basha, who was the governor of Jeddah in 1735 AD. It had a minaret which gave the city an archaeological and architected landmark; and has remained unchanged until 1978 AD when it was demolished and another mosque was built in its place.

Akkash Mosque

Akkash Mosque: is located on Gabel Street to the west and was built before 1379 AH. Its construction was planned by Mr Akkash Abaza and the level of its floors was raised from the ground level of the street so that people use stairs to get into it. It remains in good condition and prayers are held in it until this day.

Al-Mi’maar Mosque

Al-Mi’maar Mosque: is located on Al-Alwai Street to the west in Harat Al-Mathloum and was ordered by Mustafa Mi’maar Basha in 1384 AH. It is now in good condition, prayers are held in it, and it has its own endowments.

Al-Rahmah (mercy) Mosque

Al-Rahmah (mercy) Mosque: is built over the surface above the sea on the Cornich of Jeddah.

King Saud Mosque

King Saud Mosque: is situated in the Al-Balad region of the city and was built in the reign of King Saud.



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