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Jeddah Gates – Jeddahs Old Wall and Popular Gates

Jeddahs Old Wall and Popular Gates

The wall surrounding Jeddah was built by Hussain Al-Kurdi, who was one of the Mamluk Princes, because he wanted to protect the Red Sea from the attacks by the Portuguese thus embarking on providing it with castles, towers, and cannons to repel the warships that are assaulting the city. He also initiated the construction of this wall and dug a trench outside it to further guard the city from enemy attacks. With the help of the people of Jeddah, the wall was built and had two doors; one on the side facing Makkah and the other facing the sea. It has been said that the wall had six towers, each having a circumference of 16 ‘Thiraa’ (an Islamic measurement unit around 50 cm) and consisted of six doors:

  • Bab (door) Makkah.
  • Bab Al-Medina.
  • Bab Shareef.
  • Bab Jadeed.
  • Bab Al-Bantt.
  • Bab Al-Magharba.
  • and a new door was added at the beginning of this century which was called Bab Al-Subba.

The wall was removed in 1947 AD because it came into the urban area of the city.

Bab Al-Medina Jeddah

Bab Al-Medina Jeddah

Bab Shareef

Bab Makkah

Bab Makkah

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