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Al Handasa Square in Jeddah

The ancient city of Jeddah is fondly called the Bride of the Red Sea, as it is situated at the eastern coast of Red Sea and serves as a significant port city. Jeddah is the second largest city and the commercial and tourism hub of Saudi Arabia. It is the gateway to the holy Islamic sites of Mecca and Medina. So, every year countless number of pilgrims swarms to the city in the holy occasion of Hajj. Moreover the city has preserved its antediluvian vistas alongside modern development. This fascinating characteristic actually accounts for its popularity among the tourists. Jeddah Travel Guide serves information on the various sites of sightseeing in Jeddah. Among the major tourist attractions in the city of Jeddah, Al-Handasa Square in Jeddah holds a prime position.

Alhandasa Square in Jeddah

Alhandasa Square in Jeddah

The city of Jeddah is intersected by several roads and squares so as to reduce congestion in the roads. Among the numerous squares that abound the city, Al-Handasa Square in Jeddah is one of the busiest and probably the most famous road junction in the city. The Al-Handasa Square in Jeddah was built in 1986 AD. The Al-Handasa Square sprawls on 4000 sq meters of expanse. There are some huge geometrical tools structured in the middle of the square, namely, a compass, a triangle, a protractor and a ruler. These giant-size tools which are the cynosure of the Al-Handasa Square in Jeddah are considered among the largest of their kind in the world. The hugeness of these tools inspires awe and wonder in the mind of the viewers. The height of the compass, being the largest in the world, is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. The cumulative weight of the Al-Handasa Square at Jeddah amounts to 66 tons.

There is a Quranic proverb written on the model ruler, “He has taught man that which he knew not”. Truly enough, the exquisitely crafted structure of the Al-Handasa Square of Jeddah inadvertently invokes a lesson in the mind of the viewers that human capability is beyond measurement and imagination.

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