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How to Register Engineering degree in Saudi Council of Engineers [Saudieng.sa]

Register Engineering degree in Saudi Council of Engineers [Saudieng.sa]



Fill up the basic information first and upload your photograph. After your id created you can continue rest of the process logging in to your account at your convenience.

Scan the documents preferably to ( .jpg and PDF ) format.

(Size should not exceed 512 KB).

Documents may be needed

  1. Copy of ( Identity/ Iqama / Border Entry )
  2. Copy of employment letter
  3. Copy of authorization letter
  4. Copy of graduation certificate
  5. Bachelors academic record (marklist/transcript)
  6. Certification, authentication, verification certificate (CAV)
  7. Passport No, or Hafiza No
  8. Personal Image


1- Copy of ( Identity/ Iqama / Border Entry )

Image for identity if your`re a Saudi citizen or iqama if your`re a resident in the kingdom or boarder number if you still did not get your Iqama.

2- Copy of Employment letter

Attach a copy of the letter issued by the employer.

3- Copy of Authorization letter

Attach a copy of the authorization letter signed and stamped by the Engineer himself to download the authorization form.

4- Copy of Graduation certificate

A copy of graduation certificate and if there was more than one copy, please make it in a single file and then attached it.

5- Bachelors academic record (marklist/transcript)

A copy of academic record or a list of marks and if there is more than one page, please make it into a single file and is required if the state graduation are the Philippines, Pakistan or India

6- Certification, authentication, verification certificate (CAV)

A copy of graduation certificate of the Philippine Higher Education Authority is required if the state graduation Philippines is a non-governmental and university.

7- Passport No, or Hafiza No

Copy of Passport first page containing your picture and the passport number.

8- Personal Image

A clear Personal image for use in certificates and Id may be not clear image caused by the return of the file or rejection, Personal image should 200×200 Pixeles, allowed file extentsion is jpg and maximum file is size 512 kb.


Shahadah Tarif i.e. The certificate from the company stating the joining date and the jobtitle as engineer. This Certificate must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

After you upload all the certificates the site will give you a link to download an authorization letter. Just download it fill your name and date and sign it and scan and upload again.

Fill or Ignore all other things and click next / Continue until you reach the page where you fill a brief description of your job.

After Complete the process of Registration the system will generate a registration number which you have to note down. Once the application is accepted, they will send a message to the mobile as well as to your E mail.

Pay the fees through the channels mentioned and take the receipt personally to the Engineering Council Office to get the letter to Jawazath for renewal of Iqama.

If your application is rejected then you can also contact them on the phone numbers mentioned in the site quoting your application number and they will give proper guidelines to correct the application. [ Source ]

Phone : 920020820

Arabic Tutorial : Register Engineering degree in Saudi Council of Engineers





More Guideline details visit Official Website


Last Updates:  14-01-2014

Required information updates.


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