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Jeddah Commercial Directory Online

The Jeddah Commercial Directory was first published by the Arab Circle-Jeddah in 1980. A need for the Directory was identified by Sheikh AbubakrA. Alaidarous then a senior member of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Directory was an immediate success in Jeddah and has continued from strength to strength in successive years.
Published annually in October, the Directory is constantly updated. Each year every company listed in the Directory received a letter listing their details and requiring an update of any changed information. This ensures that the Directory is the most accurate reference book of companies in Jeddah.

The Directory is split into 5 main sections.

1. ALPHABETICAL LISTING: White Pages: An alphabetical listing of all companies in Jeddah.
2. SAUDI ARABIAN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES & DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS:This Section includes all Government Agencies, Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
3. P.O.BOX LISTING: Green Pages: A Numerical list of Post Office Boxes with name of the Company against each P.O.Box Number.
4. CLASSIFIED LISTING: Pink Pages: All Companies listed in the white pages are cross referenced and listed in the pink pages under their specific classification. The classified section contains over 1500 different classifications making it extremely detailed and of great value.
5. BRAND NAME AGENTS: Green Pages: A listing of all brand names with their cross referenced local agent. ( Source )


Jeddah Commercial Directory Online

Jeddah Commercial Directory Online

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