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Change of the dialing codes for landlines in Saudi Arabia

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The area code for Riyadh will be changed form 01 to 011 on 13-05-2013 for more information, visit CITCs website http://citc.gov.sa form CITC and all telecom providers in the kingdom.

riyadh area new code

riyadh area new code

Change of the dialing codes for landlines in Saudi Arabia [http://citc.gov.sa]

Adding number (1) after zero to the geographic zone codes in KSA

One more digit, the number (1), will be added to the six geographic zone codes in the Kingdom.

All land line numbers in the Kingdom will be modified by adding the digit (1) after the zero in the current zone codes. The zone codes 01, 02, 03, 04, 06 and 07 will become 011, 012, 013, 014, 016 and 017; for example, Riyadh 011 425 xxx5, Jeddah 012 278 xxx5, etc.

This change will be carried out in phases rather than all at once. On Monday, May 13, 2013, the Riyadh geographic area will be the first stage of the conversion. On Sunday, Aug 18, 2013, the change will be applied to all other geographic areas of the Kingdom.

The change experienced by subscribers will be limited to adding one digit to the six geographic zone codes. Adding this digit will change only the method of dialing to land line numbers outside the local calling area.
It is important to note that this change will not include the method of dialing among fixed lines within the same city, which will remain as it is now. However, when dialing from mobiles to fixed lines, the new digit will have to be added. Also, the digit will have to be added when calling from outside Saudi Arabia into the Kingdom.

Among the most important reasons for this change is the need to increase the range of numbers available for public mobile communications services, as well as for fixed services, and to contribute to the ability to introduce new services and to adopt new technologies and applications. In addition, this change will enhance the ability of the National Numbering Plan to accommodate new developments in services and growth in the number of subscriptions and users.

more information visit : citc.gov.sa



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