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Camel Riding in Jeddah

Camel Riding in Jeddah

Jeddah is a modern city and possess all the latest technologies. The city is full of tall brand new buildings and busy businessmen. Some might find travelling inside Jeddah a bit difficult as there is no metro and the car traffic is jammed, to say the least. But fear not, Jeddah enthusiast because Jeddah has a revolutionary way of transportation, eco-friendly and affordable, the Camel ride. Granted, the camel ride may not be the ideal way to get to work in the morning but no one can say it isn’t cool.

To be serious, the camel is to Arabia what the Kangaroo is to Australia. Locals, expats and tourists have to see it when they stay in Jeddah.

Let’s make a fast premise. Riding a camel is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you can have. Well but don’t get scared! Riding a camel is also fantastically fun and bound to be one of your favorite memories from your trip to Saudi Arabia. Then if you are still interested on the topic after my scaring introduction go ahead reading.

Which is the best way to jump on a camel in Jeddah? The city offers two kinds of camel riding.

Camel Riding in Jeddah

Camel Riding in Jeddah

First Option

The first one can be done inside the city itself, the right way to do it is to go to the Corniche, the beloved sea side of the city and spot the four legged beasts. Even though riding on the Corniche has become slightly touristic now, it is still well worth doing. Touristic because the Camels are all dressed up like for some very fancy occasion. For a very reasonable price, you can climb on it and hold on tight as the majestic and bright coloured cloth wearing animal shifts into a standing position.

You can ride that way al along the beautiful sea side and it is indeed a treat. The kids will be ecstatic with the adventure. However, the conundrum start for the children as the Corniche also offers pony rides, although, where is the fun in that?

Camel Riding in Jeddah

Camel Riding in Jeddah

Second Option

For a taste of the real Saudi experience, you have to exit the city to find one of the camel farms. They are quite popular in the region. You can visit them and witness the first attraction, the milking of the camel. It was important part of the Bedouin diet and remains a tradition today. You can try the day trip or choose the longer version and go camping into the desert. Either way, you are in for strong sensations. Venture on a camel ride in the desert; it is far from being boring sand dunes. You can experience the Bedouin lifestyle, on top of your ride and feel like a king. The beauty and roughness of the landscape will sparkle amazing sensations. You can enjoy a slow stroll climbing up and down the sand dune but you should know that the animal has more than one trick up its sleeves. Behind its dull exteriors, camels can run up to 65 kilometres per hour. If you get the opportunity, don’t miss the chance to catch a camel race. It is an official sport in KSA and supported by the royals. The King’s Camel Race is a unique race which is held annually in Saudi Arabia.

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