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33 Breathtaking Landmarks and Places of Jeddah Photos

Today we share Simmy Marquez Roxas jeddah Photography. Photography has become my passion for some years now as there is something about it that excites me taking pictures that can’t be expressed by words. I love shooting Landscape. Jeddah is surrounded by a beautiful and historical places and Landmarks which are awe-inspiring and impressive as these are full of fascinating details, colors and depth so I will not wonder why most hobbyist loves it as their subjects.


Simmy using Canon EOS 60D with lenses 18-135mm, 18-200mm, 11-16mm wide and fixed lens of 50 & 28mm. Shooting at night is quite hard to achieve specially in low light condition but to achieve it more appealing i have to make my shot in “Long Exposure” to sharply capture the stationary subject while giving you a burry and light trails for moving subjects.

jeddah photography by smr 11

jeddah photography by smr 20

jeddah photography by smr 28

 Special Thanks to Simmy Marquez Roxas who share with us amazing jeddah photos. for more photo shots check here

for contact to Simmy Marquez Roxas facebook 


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